viernes, 7 de abril de 2017

Global Classrooms 2016-2017

The students in 3rd ESO from IES Pintor Antonio López have participated for the first time in Global Classrooms, a form of Model United Nations used as a teaching tool throughout the world.

Students were prepared to develop skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, debating, researching, writing, while raising their awareness of the larger problems in the world around them. 

After three months of intense preparation, a team of ten students was finally selected as representatives of our school to compete against other schools in Madrid. 

Our representatives, assisted by their teachers, did a fantastic job. Unfortunately, they were not able to make it to the final round. However, they all agreed that it has been a fantastic experience from which they have learnt a lot. So the effort has paid off anyway. Congratulations!!

lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

FALL 2016

As in previous years, the students have participated in various activities to celebrate Anglo Saxon traditions and culture.
We had the traditional Jack-o-Larntern carving and spooky story contests

And a second edition of our Thanksgiving Charity Cake contest, which surpassed all our expectations with a massive participation and a record of benefits which were donated once again to ACNUR. We would like to thank all the participants who were generous enough either to bake something or to buy it. It is hard to imagine a sweetest way to help

This is just a tiny sample of all the tasty things that were sold:

lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This year's production of the English Theatre Club Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been an overwhelming success. All the good work of our brilliant assistant, Emilie Jefferies, and of the 20 students who participated in the show paid off with:


Needless to say, we are very  proud of each and everyone of you!!

This is a video with the best moments of the show

And some pictures too:

Global Scholars

This year students from 1ºESO B have participated in the international programme Global Scholars, in collaboration with children all over the world. The aim of the programme has been to raise awareness on global issues such as sustainable developement, intelligent buildings, transportation and developement of green areas. 

It has been a lot of work but great fun too!!. It all culminated in a project to improve the green areas at our school doing different things, such as creating a vertical garden, and planting trees, with the help of the City Hall and the Major

All of our good work can be seen in this blog

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2016

Immersion Week March 2016. Valle de los Abedules

This year's immersion week took place in a fantastic place near Bustarviejo. 79 students from 1st ESO shared four sunny days just before Easter Break, doing all kinds of fun activities and improving their English.

We practiced archery


We rode horses

We learnt about falconry

Became expert chefs

And artists!!

Especially during the evening! when we had to show our talent at singing and dancing 


We had a lot of fun! And then: holidays!