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The World Around us Speaks English

Students from 2ºESO (bilingual English section) participated this last November in the immersion programe organised by the Ministry of Education "The World Around us Speaks English". We were really fortunate to be selected to spend a whole week, together with IES Serrallarga from Blanes (Girona), at the YMCA youth hostel in Villanúa (Huesca). It was a week full of projects, activities, sports and fun, all in English!.

We arrived on Sunday, November 8th, and were greeted by a really friendly group of monitors. Later on we introduced our schools and started making friends with the other students right away!!

 We had a really tight schedule!!. Our day started at 8:00, with lovely music, selected by the monitors to wake us up in the best possible mood, and a delicious breakfast!!.

 From 9:30 to 11:00 each day we did a variety of tasks: we worked on values such as perseverance, cooperation and respect,  and on one of the five topics in which the project was structured: recycling, sustainable developement, renewable energies, the natural and environment and cultural diversity. We did roleplays, debates and lots of interesting tasks inside and outside the classrooms.

At around 11 o'clock we had a break and after that, before lunch time, we did other kinds of activities, such as sports, games, trekking and visiting the Güixas cave:

After lunch we had a little time off to relax and then we started the afternnon sessions. First we worked in groups to develop an eco project. We had to create a political party that will contribute to the preservation of the environment. The last day we all presented our parties, together with the video, songs and dances we had prepared.

 We voted the best project and the winner was FISHH. This is the video they presented:


After this, every day we had some time to work together with our school teachers. We presented all the projects we had previously prepared at school (presentations and videos) and did other activities related to the topics we had worked on each day: 

Thanks to María Mayor for summarizing the process in this video. Check it out!.

Dinner and lunch time was a great moment to share:

Each day ended with lots of fun: dancing, acting, games and competitions:

All in all, we worked really hard and had lots of fun!! So much we didn't want to come back to Madrid


But above all, we learnt to trust, appreciate and rely on each other:

And to look at the WORLD AROUND US from a different perspective


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